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I’m Matthew.

You’ve discovered s l o t h i c

The purpose of this blog is to share various hands on projects, tutorials, writings, among other creations of mine. Ultimately I’m hoping they may be helpful or entertaining to those who stumble upon them.

As a fairly neurotic individual who can’t help but scrutinize over minute details I’m hoping I can offer a unique perspective on topics such as technology and gaming as well as music and fashion.

For example, here’s a guitar string guide I made after spending much time (and money) trying to find the “perfect” set of strings. This effort inevitably snowballed into an entire project.

On another occasion I experimented with transforming the overall aesthetics of a guitar that I wasn’t completely happy with.

Recently there was this 20 year old laptop that I acquired which still happened to boot up. So of course I figured I should install Doom on it.

All in all, my goal is to consistently post new content and maybe inspire others to do the same. I find the way people interact with each other and express themselves to be interesting and I’m always curious to learn more about life’s mysteries along the way. Speaking of which, you can follow me on Twitter if you feel so inclined. Doing so will keep you up to date on my latest posts.

Likewise, feel free to tweet me @theslothic or send me a personal message matthew@slothic.com if you have any comments or questions.

That about sums it up. Hopefully my toil and trouble will be of use to those who happen to be particular in their tastes and obsessive in their pursuits.

Currently working as a computer tech in Central Connecticut. I slowly climb the tall tree of life in sloth-like fashion, searching for my purpose.


Special thanks to Quin!


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